Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

The following documentation explains; how personal data and information is collected from yourself, what information we might collect accompanied by a legitimate reasoning for doing so and with whom we might disclose and / or gather said information with.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you should stop use of our website and / or our services.

1 When we collect information

When you enquire for a valuation, we will begin collecting information to be used for the purpose of purchasing, administration and / or for the purpose of being able to offer a possible price that we may consider paying for you vehicle. We will collect information such as, name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers etc.

2 How and what Information do we collect

2.1 We will collect personal information for the purpose of valuating, administrations and confirming that your vehicle and you are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. We will collect information from yourself via the following means:

  • Enquiring for a valuation and / or using our website
  • Corresponding with us via telephone, email, letters or otherwise
  • Proceeding to enter an agreement for the purchase of your vehicle
  • We may also use cookies for an optimal user experience

We will also collect and / or disclosed personal information with the following parties

  • DVLA – to record the transfer of ownership for yourself
  • UK Vehicle Data – to check the vehicle to be sold, is clear of finance and / or any breaches to our Terms and Conditions
  • HM Revenues and Custom
  • Law Enforcers and other authorities (if in the event that legal action is required)

We may collect the following information:

  • Identity information- such as name and title
  • Documentation information- such as information listed on your V5 vehicle Registration. We will need to see other personal documents such as your passport, driving licence, utility bill and any other documents that may be used for verification of identification.
  • Financial information- such as bank account detail so that we can transfer you your payment
  • Contact Information- such as home address, email address and telephone numbers
  • Vehicle registration mark – to ensure that your vehicle meets our terms and conditions

3 Reasoning for personal information collection and usage

Personal information that we collect and / or is provided from yourself shall be used for the purpose of administrations, processing your valuation and determining whether your vehicle and you are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

When you enquire for a valuation(s) or begin using our service in order to perform our service and / or contract will we need to know the following:

  • Your name, postcode and contact details; so that we can process your request. We may be required to contact yourself to discuss and proceed with the sale of your vehicle. The postcode and location of your vehicle will be vital to our service and will be a deciding factor to whether we can extend our services to yourself in accordance with our serving location.
  • We will use your vehicle registration and /or documents, so that we can validate any information concerning your vehicle such as, make and model, MOT status, whether your vehicle is subject to any insurance claims or writes off, help validate mileage, help validate vehicle location etc.
  • We will need to have a copy of personal documentation to be used for proof of identifying, which may include passport, driving licence, V5, utility bills etc. This will be used as valid proof of identity and will help us determine whether you the user have the right to sell the vehicle in question and to ensure that the registered keeper shall be receiving payment.

4 How long we store data

We will not store your personal information for any length longer than is necessary for the purpose of which it was originally collect, we may however retain your information if required by law (e.g. for the intention of preventing fraud and tax evasion).

5 Your rights

You have the right to access your personal information being stored.

You have the right to update and correct any incorrect information being used.

You will have the right to have personal information erased when one of the following circumstances applies:

  • Your personal information is being used unlawfully
  • Sell My Car Fast no longer requires personal information for the purpose of our services between yourself and us
  • When required to comply with a legal obligation
  • You have withdrawn your consent and have stopped the use of our services and /or our website

However, this right to erasure will not apply if it would be necessary for establishing, exercising and defence of legal claims and / or for reasons of important public interest.

You have the right to stop or restrict the processing of your data when:

  • You dispute the accuracy of the information, of which we will temporally stop or restrict the processing of the information until you can validate the accuracy.
  • If the information is being used unlawfully and you wish that the processing of your information to be restricted or stopped opposed to the erasure of it.

You have the right to data portability exclusive to the information collected by us.

You have the right to object on how your data is being processed and if you feel that we have failed to comply with an obligation regarding your personal information. You may email us your objection to the following address

Changes to our policy

Any changes we make in the future to this policy will be posted on this page and where appropriate shall be notified to you by electronic mail.