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1. These terms

The following terms and conditions will be considered binding for all Customers of Sell My Car Fast  and or ‘Users’ of our ‘Website’ and ‘Services’; www.sellmycarfast.uk Other Relevant Policies may be referred to within accompanied by an external link for further clarity.

Please read carefully.

By using our Website, “You” confirm acceptance through performance to our terms and conditions and that you shall comply with all Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree with any Terms, you must stop any use of our Website and/or our “Services”

2 Interpretation

The following terms shall be interpreted as follows:

2.1 Assumption: when preparing/providing a valuation we assume the following:

  • 1.1 Your “Vehicle” has over 3-months MOT;
  • 1.2 Your vehicle is not an import. Your vehicle is Register to the United Kingdom with UK registration plates and that it is a Right-Hand drive;
  • 1.3 Your vehicle has original registration plates; any personal plates on your vehicle will remain, unless instructed;
  • 1.4 Your vehicle has not been deemed as an insurance write off;
  • 1.5 Your vehicle has two sets of keys;
  • 1.6 Your vehicle can start and idle on its own and is not a “non-runner”;
  • 1.7 Your vehicle has no mechanical and / or electrical faults;
  • 1.8 The Exterior and Interior of your vehicle has no visible damage.
  • 1.9 Your vehicle is not subject to finance
  • 1.10 There are no historic mileage discrepancies

2.2 Final Purchase price: proposed priced offered to purchase your vehicle in accordance with purchase contract clause.

2.3 GMT: Current Greenwich Mean Time

2.4 Good condition:

  • 4.1 No faults or dash lights
  • 4.2 Drives all good
  • 4.3 No paintwork and / or smart body repair required
  • 4.4 No visible damage
  • 4.5 Interior has no worn rips tear stain or burn, and is to factory standards

2.5 Hand-over requirements: to complete purchase of your car you will need to provide at the time the following:

  • All documents relating to the car i.e. V5 (Logbook), service history etc. (including proof of purchase if requested by us);
  • Valid Proof of identity which corresponds with the V5 of your vehicle;
  • The removal of any possessions from your vehicle, (we shall not be responsible for the loss of any possessions which remained in your car when purchased);
  • You have brought all items and property relating and/or belonging to the car i.e. locking wheel nut, Radio facia, all vehicle manuals and guides etc.

2.6 Non-runner: vehicles that cannot start and or idle by its self;

2.7 purchase invoice: set out in clause 5.4

2.8 Services: any service we provide

2.9 Serving location: The area of which we can offer our services too

2.10 Valuation(s): this does not constitute an offer, but a means for you to gather an estimated valuation for your car and a price we might be willing to pay;

2.11 Vehicle Inspection: physical on site means to gather an accurate price for your car to prepare for a final purchase price offer;

2.12 Vehicle: Any car;

2.13 Website: www.sellmycarfast.uk;

2.14 We / us / our: Sell My Car Fast;

2.15 You / your / yourself: the legal owner and or register keeper of the vehicle to be sold;

3. Other Applicable Policies

3.1 These terms include the following policies of which you agree to:

3.1.1 Privacy Policy, in which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data that has been provided or collected from yourself via our services and/or our website

3.1.2 Our Cookie Policy which explains information about cookies on our website.

4 Valuating and Final Purchase Price

4.1 when we valuated a car we assume that your car in in good condition and meets our “assumptions”, if it does not we must be informed so that we can amends our assumptions.

4.2 If your vehicle is not in good conditions we must be informed, furthermore we will give you the opportunity to indication whether your car is not in good condition when presented with a valuation email, of which you can select whether the condition of your car is good , average or below, we may also contact you via telephone to discuss the condition of your vehicle and how it may effect the price.

4.3 When receiving valuations via electronic mail we may show you three different priced valuations corresponding with different conditions of your vehicle, of which are not offers but are an insight of how conditions and factors of your vehicle may affect valuations, appraisal and final price.

4.4 When receiving initial valuations due limited information collected from yourself regarding the condition of your vehicle, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any valuation.

4.5 Valuations are not Offers, but a means to gather an estimated valuated price of which we would consider paying for your vehicle.

4.6 When you enquire for a valuation and / or use our services / website, you agree to be to be contacted by any means deemed necessary including electronic mail (email) or telephone, in order to gather more precise information regarding the condition of your vehicle.

4.7 At no point should this service be used for commercial use and/or business purposes, we accept no liability for loss of profit, or any negative consequences endured via using our services for any business purposes. This service is for domestic and private sales only.

4.7 So that we can prepare for a final purchase price, an on-site inspection of your vehicle will be conducted, so that we can create an accurate final purchase price. You cannot receive a final purchase price for your vehicle without a “vehicle inspection”.

4.8 We are not obliged to purchase any car that have been subject to a vehicle inspection nor are you obliged to sell.

4.9 If Any undisclosed vehicle condition issues with the car or any limits to the assumptions are found during a vehicle inspection, the final purchase pricethat we will be willing to pay is likely to differ from your valuation prior to the Vehicle Inspections. 

4.10 we reserve the right to withdraw our opportunity to purchase your vehicle if any limits to our assumptions are found.

4.11 We also reserve the right to not purchase any vehicle with undisclosed insurance repairs and or any apparent mechanic and or self-repairs and at our discretion

4.12 To further finalised the vehicle inspection, your vehicle may undergo an extensive inspection including a road test, if we decide that it is necessary, in order to gather accurate and precise details regarding the mechanical, driving and physical conditions of your car.

5. Purchase Contract

5.1 Only we can decide the price we would be willing to pay for your vehicle regardless of condition

5.2 A formal agreement to purchase your car can only arise when the following has been met:

  • 2.1 Your Vehicle has been subject to a vehicle inspection from us;
  • 2.2 You have met the “hand-over requirements”;
  • 2.3 You have been offered a final purchase price
  • 2.4 You have signed our purchase invoice accepting the final purchase offer (agreeing to these terms and conditions and any included in the purchase invoice);
  • 2.5 If needed, you have given us the necessary corresponding bank detail for payment;
  • 2.6 You have received payment in full or a deposit from us for your vehicle.

5.3 You agree to meet our hand-over requirements. We reserve the right to withdraw and terminate any offers to purchase your car if you do not meet our hand over requirements with immediate effect.

5.4 If in the event that you do not wish to sell you car when offered a final purchase price, this offer shall expire and be terminated at 18:00 (6:00 pm, GMT) on the day of which the vehicle inspection was conducted, there after all offers are void.

5.5 For clarity at the point of signing the purchase invoice you accept our offer for your vehicle and agree to enter a binding agreement for the purchase of your vehicle from us.

6. Serving location

6.1 Due to our limited size we do not guarantee that we can offer our services to you, or any user of our website, we endeavour to serve any customer, but we reserve the right to no proceed with any valuations and or any inquiries that do not meet our serving location or any of our thresholds discretionally.

7. Payment terms

7.1 Preferable payment methods would be considered a direct bank transfers and we endeavour to process payment within five working days, however, we maintain our right to make payments by other methods if we consider it reasonable to do so.

7.2 We will not make any payment to any person of our service unless valid proof of ownership is presented, thus meaning that the payee must be the current name presented on the V5 of the vehicle. There Shall be no payments to any third parties or any other person, solely the named vehicle owner of the V5 will receive payment. we reserve the right to withdraw any opportunity to purchase your vehicle or to void any agreement if we suspect that you are not the legal owner of the vehicle or appears to be a fraudulent activity.

8. Vehicles on finance

8.1 We must be informed if any finance is owed on the vehicle.

8.2 We reserve the right to not buy and/or settle any finance on the vehicle.

8.3 If at the point of purchase or contract coming to existence it is discovered that the vehicle is on or owed finance and we was misinformed of this knowledge, the purchase contract for your vehicle will be void, and any debt associated or incurred via this vehicle will be a payed upon demand from yourself.

9. Exclusion of liability

9.1 We (including any employees or any person working on our behalf with expressed permission from ourselves) will not be responsibly or liable for any indirect, unforeseen or consequential losses incurred by your self (including any expenses incurred, loss of profit and/or compensation)

9.2 These terms expressly exclude our liability for any property damage

9.3 None of our Terms and Conditions excludes or limits our lability for any personal injuries or death suffered due to our negligence

9.4 None of our Terms and Conditions shall play an effect on your statutory rights

9.5 We will not be liable for any damages or loss resulting from viruses, cyber-attack, distributed denial of service attack or any malicious software, data, content and harmful material that may infect and/or damage your computer equipment, computer software, programs or any associated equipment and/or property, which may arise from the use of our website (including any downloading of content) as well as any external links presented on our website

9.6 Any websites linked to our website should not be interpreted as an endorsement by us, we assume no liability for any damage of loss suffered which may arise from the use of any linked websites.

9.7 We will not be liable for any websites linked to our website which may cause damage or loss suffered by yourself via the use of them. Said linked websites should not interpreted as an endorsement by us to use them (linked websites).

9.8 Our maximum aggregate liability from us to you, will not exceed the final purchase price agreed from us to be paid for your vehicle

9.9 we not be held liable for any delays or failure to perform any of our obligations due to any event of other circumstance beyond our reasonable control.

10. Ownership responsibilities

10.1 when an offer has been accepted in accordance with purchase contract clause, the risk and ownership will be transfer from yourself to us. Until ownership has been transferred you will remain responsible for insuring the vehicle and safe guarding the agreed condition of the vehicle.

11. Authentication

11.1 If in the event an agreement was to be made to purchase your vehicle, you the user authenticate the following to be true and correct:

  • 1.1 You are legal owner of the vehicle and that you are the current name presented on the V5 and have been for 3 months prior to selling the vehicle to us.
  • 1.2 You have the right to sell this vehicle and is not subject to finance.
  • 1.3 There is no outstanding finance
  • 1.4 All information presented when asked is accurate and true
  • 1.5 The mileage of the vehicle is correct and has not been subject to any alterations
  • 1.6 The vehicle is true to our assumptions
  • 1.7 Full disclosure has been given for the following information:

11.1.7.a. All defects with the vehicle have been disclosed including any mechanically problems, driving condition, exterior and interior conditions, any structural panel damage and whether the vehicle was subject to or to become an Insurance category C/D/S/N

11.1.7.b. any circumstances, infringements and complications relating to title and possession of the vehicle

11.2 if in the event that any of the authentications agreed too are found to be untrue or falsified information, we reserve our rights to take any action deemed necessary including legal court procedures.

12. Changes to these terms and conditions

12.1 Our terms and Conditions cannot be changed or amended via oral representation or otherwise.

12.2 Any changes to these terms and conditions shall be done by only us, and at our discretion may be amended without any notice to yourself. Any amendments to these terms shall take effect immediately after posting.

13. Third Party

13.1 No third parties, there shall be no enforceable rights for any person that is not party to these terms and conditions, nor can you transfer / assign your rights to any other person under these terms (no enforceable rise to rights for third parties).

14. Jurisdiction and Governing law

14.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by UK Law of which, you shall agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts.